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Below are products that I use and recommend to my friends, family, and clients. I only recommend products that I have used myself and believe in. The links below are affiliate links. This means if you click the link and purchase a product, I do recieve a small commission. Having said that I only recommend products that I have used myself and believe in. You can trust my recommendations. 

I started taking this per recommendation from my nutritionist. It has so many benefits and I am loving it. Collagen is what makes your skin, hair and nails healthy. This will give your skin the extra boost it needs to stay young and suple. It also has protien which I have noticed has helped suppress cravings. I take it in the morning with my green tea and in the evening with my licorice mint tea. It has no flavor so works great!

Vitamix 5200 Blender, Black
Vita-Mix Corporation

So this is a rather spendy item but I am telling you it's worth every penny. It makes anything smooth and it's super easy to clean. No need to take it apart and wash each attachment. Just put a drop of soap in the blender with some water, turn it on for 30 sec, and its CLEAN!

I used to use Aveda tea but found it was getting rather expensive. So I found a cheaper and dare say Better alternative. I have a cup every night before bed with my Collagen Supplement.