My Love for Dry Brushing

dry brush.jpg

I discovered dry brushing 3 months back and I have no interest in stopping! It is my new go to beauty regimen. It’s cheap, affective, and has so many benefits! Have I sold you yet??  

So what is dry brushing? Glad you asked- It’s pretty much what it sounds like- brushing your dry skin with a special brush. There are a few general rules to follow-


Create circular motions clockwise, starting at your feet and make your way up towards your heart. You literally do your entire body. I’m talking feet, legs, arms, tummy, booty, boobs (avoid nips), arms, hands, the whole lot! Everything! Don’t brush too hard. It should exfoliate but not hurt or leave scratches. My skin turns barely pink for about 2 minutes after. The whole process generally takes 3-4 minutes. Finish with a natural oil. I choose to use Argan Oil because it absorbs easily into skin and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy.

Time of Day-

Because of it’s stimulating benefits I recommend doing it in the morning before you shower. The shower will wash off any dead skin. Also, I recommend standing in your shower when you dry brush so any dead skin washes down drain 😊


Exfoliation- unbelievably soft skin!! And I feel like I have to shave less often as my skin stays smooth much longer.

Lymphatic Support- Proponents of dry brushing claim that brushing the skin regularly helps stimulate the normal lymph flow within the body and helps the body detoxify itself naturally.

Improves Complexion- Because it offers stimulation to lymph flow it often helps with complexion. I personally saw a big difference within a week. More radiant and minimum/no blemishes.

Reduces Cellulite- The motion of dry brushing creates stimulation to skin and increased blood flow which helps combat the look of cellulite (remember, there is no cure but there are things you can do to help). I personally have noticed a difference!

Energy Boosting- the increased circulation is a natural energy booster. This is why I don’t recommend dry brushing before bed.

How to Choose your Dry Brush-

It is important to choose a brush with natural bristles. Depending on your skin sensitivity you may want one that advertises “softer” brushes. I use this one  from Amazon. It also has rubber nubs which I find helps with circulation.

I have used my dry brush for both my face and body without problems but you may want a gentler one for your face.  

Who Should Avoid Dry Brushing??

If you have overly sensitive skin or eczema I would stay away from dry brushing as it may irritate your skin. If you have any rashes do not dry brush during this time. I found that if I used an old razor after dry brushing I would have more bumps on my legs. So try to use a new blade as much as possible to avoid bacteria.

Dry Brushing Maintenance-

I try to wash my brush out every couple of weeks to get rid of dead skin. I plan on replacing mine every 6 months or so. But at under $10 for a brush it is totally worth it!!

Let me know if you have tried dry brushing and what your results have been in comments below! Looking forward to hearing from you.